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It’s a New Day to Renew You

Healing requires that not only the symptoms are alleviated, but that the body is strengthened as well. At a New Day Acupuncture, we help you develop a foundation of fortified immunity, emotional well-being, and healthy internal systems to be the best version of you. We don’t just treat a disease, we take care of the patient. 

We can treat:

  • Colic

  • Eczema

  • Allergies

  • Constipation

  • Teething

  • Ear infection

  • Anxiousness

  • Lack of focus

  • Neck pain

  • Carpal tunnel

  • Trigger finger

  • Shoulder pain

  • Knee pain

  • Spinal nerve pain

  • Headaches

  • Numbness/tingling

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Racing mind

  • Feeling stuck, lack of motivation

  • Excessive worrying

  • Brain fog, feeling scattered

  • Digestive disorders

  • Allergies

  • Eye disorders

  • Low immunity

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Vertigo/dizziness

Taking Health in a New Direction

Conventional medicine tends to treat symptoms as they arise. But why not just make the body and mind strong so that there won’t even be symptoms? Instead of a medical approach that treats the body from the outside in, acupuncture nurtures the body from the inside out, healing it from the root. This creates an energy source that gives vitality as well as resists illness.

Acupuncture helps removes the body of its stressors. When the body’s systems are soothed and nourished, you have a greater chance to truly heal. You will feel relaxed, refreshed, and free of pain. To borrow a phrase from an endearing patient of ours, you will feel “like butter on pancakes.”

When circulation is optimized, the healing potential is incredible.

Letting You Be You 

Acupuncture and Eastern medical practices are a wonderful option for natural healthcare that empowers the body to awaken and heal itself. Yet it is also entirely safe to be incorporated into any treatment therapy you and your children already have or plan on having. It can support your current healthcare, also helping you recover and reduce any possible side effects of other treatment methods. 

Care without the Chemicals

A New Day Acupuncture treats both children and adults, specializing in pediatric care. Children get very quick results with Eastern medicine, and we have safe, painless methods to suit every child. It is especially beneficial for children to correct any body imbalances so they can properly develop into naturally healthy adults. Learn more about our pediatric acupuncture care here.

Healthcare That Sees and Respects You 

We recognize that each patient is unique, and there is great consideration to your individuality in our diagnostic methods. Your body, spirit and mind, your life story, is all unique to you. Our treatments are custom to your conditions and how you continue to evolve. 


Stuffed, bacon rapped pork roast, homemade creamy mashed potatoes, fresh shelled purple hulled peas, homemade blueberry swirl cheese cake. YUM! Can’t you just smell that bacon, those potatoes, that cheese cake? Is your tummy rumbling? I know, I know, but I promise I’m not trying to torture anyone. I want you to know one of the things I love to do, and one of the things I AM able to do now, because of Kim Truong.

I have been suffering from carpal tunnel for a little over a year. When it began to cause me pain, I shrugged it off as “Kelly, slow down, you’re not a 20-year-old any more”, but within a short period of time, the pain was keeping me up at night. I have a HUGE tolerance for pain, however, one night, I could not sleep, and by 2 am I had asked my husband to take me to the hospital. Let me tell you, that was a horrible experience. The ER doctor did not touch me, she ordered x-rays, and from the doorway to my room, announced my arm was not broken, told me the nurse would be bringing me a Rx and ……….. she was gone. When the nurse came in she handed me a Rx for the same pain reliever my precious little Shih Tzu’s get from the vet for their various aches and pains and when I tried to ask her what was wrong with my arm, she roughly grabbed it, twisted it over to wrap an ache bandage on it, told me it was carpal tunnel, btw, I expected her to say “duh” afterwards, and then suggested I was “hospital hopping”. I actually had to look that one up. After that horrible experience, I decided to do a little investigation on my own. I tried heat, ice, Aspercream, lavender, splints, gloves, the list goes on and on and my pain got worse and worse, and, everything I read said I needed surgery! Almost daily the pain intensified. Normal everyday things became an issue. Cutting my own steak, shaving my legs, tying a ribbon in my granddaughter’s hair. That……., was the final straw!

Not only did cooking and baking become a 2-person job in my home, my dear husband quickly became my sous chef, but sewing and cleaning, yes, I said cleaning, was no longer enjoyable. Spring was upon us and it was time to plant my vegetable garden and all I could do was play boss and order people around. Believe me, that IS NOT my idea of a good time. So, I decided I would seek a more noninvasive homeopathic treatment. A work colleague of one of my girls made me an essential oil compound, that helped, but this was going to be something that I needed to fight on all fronts. I did some research on acupuncture and decided this was the avenue I wanted to pursue. I checked out several acupuncturists in my area and settled on Kim.

Kim…….. she spent time with me on my first appointment. She asked me about everything. My eating habits, sleep habits, stress, family, history, pain level. She was so thorough.  Her thoroughness is only a small portion of why she is the perfect person to help me. She is gentle and understanding and her bedside manner is excellent. I always feel as if I’m talking to an understanding friend. Not only did I feel a remarkable difference after only my second appointment with Kim, but that yummy dinner I pulled you in with at the beginning, I was able to make that dinner, without a sous chef, after my second visit as well. Kim has dealt with other issues I have suffered with my entire adult life. Sleep being one of those issues. I never understood how it was “people” just crawled into bed, closed their eyes, and went to sleep. I have what I call “brain chatter”. My brain races when I lay down. I try to shut it down but…… just how do you do that. “Brian….. this is your owner speaking, time to shut down!” I even tried the commanding voice option….. “Brian! Listen here! Stop! I mean it!” No luck. I mentioned it to Kim, she took that in to consideration for my treatment that day, and that night, best sleep I’ve had in years! I don’t mind telling you….. I did a little happy dance the next morning. The stress about getting my vegetables in the ground, not gone, I’m always running a little hot (I have my red hair to prove it), but it’s so much better. This odd patch of dry skin on my elbow, (no idea what THAT'S about), she ordered me an ointment for it and it’s the best its looked in years. And my carpal tunnel? Its not gone, but let me tell you, it’s the best its been since I first noticed the pain in my wrist. I can cook and bake, I can sew my grand daughter pretty little dresses, I can garden, and yes, I can clean till my heart’s content.

Thank you Kim!

Kelly F

Houston, TX

I highly recommend Kim. She genuinely cares about her patients, takes the time to fully understand their condition both from a physical and emotional perspective, and is very knowledgeable. Her holistic approach has really helped me recover.


The Woodlands, TX

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