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Acupuncture isn’t about repairing, it strengthens

What is acupuncture?

In acupuncture and Eastern medicine, we identify and utilize an energetic system called meridians. They are interconnected pathways that run throughout our entire bodies and can affect everything from our blood, oxygen, hormones, energy, to even our mood. It has the capability of nourishing and stimulating every level of our bodies- from the outermost layers like our skin, to our deeper tissues, organs, brain, bones, even down to our cells. Our bodies are ever evolving and changing, and is always capable of healing. Acupuncture aims to strengthen our core being. 

When circulation is optimized, the healing potential is incredible.

When the meridians are flowing smoothly, we enjoy good physical and emotional health, naturally. But oftentimes, patterns in our lifestyle habits, our diet, trauma, or any various changes, can impede the natural flow. When there is any obstruction in the meridians, that is where pain and illness may arise. 

Acupuncture identifies where our body may be imbalanced, and restores proper circulation. That’s why many patients so often feel rapid or immediate relief. That is why acupuncture can treat such a wide array of conditions.

Whole health includes body, mind, and spirit

Acupuncture recognizes that our systems are all interconnected. Every single one of us has enormous healing potential when the body is free of stressors. 

This medicine aims to achieve not only physical wellness but also spiritual and emotional health as well. When all body, mind, and spirit are thriving and healthy, only then there is whole health. You can achieve greater vitality as well as improved peace of mind and joy. 

How does acupuncture work?

An aspect of the philosophy of acupuncture looks at the body as being a balance of the five elements. These elements combine to create our bodies (matter). The interconnected balances amongst them creates our livelihood (energy). Each element is assigned to specific body systems and emotions. 

When a person is not well, the meridians are not flowing smoothly. It can be compared to a traffic jam on the highway. The job of an acupuncturist is to essentially clear traffic and get these routes running again. When all the systems are functioning and cooperating properly, we enjoy good health and peace of mind.

Who is acupuncture for?

In a word, everyone. Our diagnostic methods considers each person’s individual needs. There is little to no side effects, because we are working with your body’s own energy. There will definitely be experiences and changes that are unique to each patient. Ultimately, there are great health benefits to using acupuncture that goes beyond simply looking at singular symptoms. Many patients not only recover from their ailments, but also find that it even helps them achieve an improved mindset on life as well. 

All patients can find long term benefits from acupuncture treatments, including children of any age. Learn more about our pediatrics program. 

So how is acupuncture different?

We look at your body, mind, and spirit as a whole. We recognize that your body’s systems are all interconnected. We don’t merely treat diseases from its superficial symptoms. We explore the root cause of an illness and empower you to restore your greatest potential to whole health. Your condition is unique to you and our medical therapy allows for a treatment that specifically supports all of you.

To learn even more about acupuncture and its role in modern day integrated medicine, you may also watch the very informative documentary, “Getting to the Point” at

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