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In Eastern Medicine, there are a variety of treatment methods to achieve the same positive results. In other words, there are many routes to get to the same destination. 

In addition to acupuncture, there many other supplemental techniques and tools, such as tuina (Chinese style massage), herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping, guasha, ear seeds, laser pens, and microcurrent therapy.


For pediatrics, there are a many other modes of treatment other than needling. For kids who aren’t yet quite ready for acupuncture, we have many non-needle techniques that are also effective in healing your child, using the same points and theories. All modes of treatment, including acupuncture, are painless. 

All methods are applied following acupuncture medical theory and practices.


Whereas massage pushes inwards, cupping pulls outwards. It can improve many conditions of pain, improve circulation and lymphatic function, expel toxins, and can also be relaxing. 

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs are utilized in formulas that are gentle, safe and effective. They are naturally sourced from plants, herbs and many ingredients are food-grade. Most formulas can safely be taken with any other supplements or medication. 


Moxa is compressed herbs in which heat is applied to enhance its therapeutic effects. It can help with many conditions of pain, circulatory and digestive disorders, injury, and many chronic ailments.  


A Chinese style massage therapy that focuses on the acupuncture system of meridians and acu-points. It has its own massage techniques and modes of application. For pediatrics, they are gentle, light strokes brushing the surface of the skin, and are highly effective with rapid results.


Herbal massage oil is applied to the area of treatment, and a tool is used to stroke the skin’s surface. It can help relax muscle tension and reduce pain, expel toxins, and can improve certain respiratory conditions. 

Auricular (ear) therapy

Points in the ear can help with whole body systems are specific body locations. Various methods can be used to stimulate these acu-points. There can be needling during treatment, or ear seeds can be applied to give constant point stimulation even after you leave the clinic. 

Laser pen therapy

A great option for patients, especially children, who are not yet ready for the needling of acupuncture. Your clinician can apply it safely for all ages. There is no sensation or pain felt during treatment. It may also be used to supplement the acupuncture treatment. 

Microcurrent Therapy

A handheld device that applies low-level electrical stimulation to specific points. A non-invasive procedure to activate acu-points. It has been described as feeling like a tickle. 

Chinese Food Therapy 

Dietary advice is given following the guidelines of Eastern Medicine philosophy. Nutrition is regarded by the nature of food characteristics, such as their tastes and temperature and can vary according to seasons. Dietetics is based on the individual and is used to either treat a condition or to maintain a balanced diet.

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