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Sometimes it can be tough being a parent, most of all when our child isn’t feeling well. We all want what’s best for our kids and to know that they’re happy. Especially in this day and age when our kids are under so many stressors- whether it’s environmental, dietary, high speed education, or social expectations. Our kids are overloaded as it is, and as parents, health is a great concern. Many of us look for ways where we don’t have to put even more pressure on our children.

A lot of parents wonder if medications and waiting for our kids to “grow out of it” is truly the best option for them when they are sick. 

A notion that sometimes is forgotten is how strong our kids truly are. Every child has powerful healing potential no matter what condition they are going through. It’s only a matter of tapping into that energy source. Every child can feel happy, relaxed, focused, and consistently vibrant. 

A New Day Acupuncture offers Eastern Medicine as an alternative for all-natural child care. We provide care for children by healing them through all body, mind, and spirit. All three aspects are connected and equally important. We recognize how sickness can affect a child’s emotions, and a child with negative emotions can create sickness. Health affects their mood, their performance in school, and relationships with family and friends. We aim for children to have whole health- to feel good and be strong on every level of being. Whole health includes good physical and emotional health. 

Acupuncture focuses on the core strength of a child. A lot of conventional medicine merely suppresses symptoms and our children may carry the appearance of being healthy. But an illness that isn’t truly healed have a high chance of returning. We aim to strengthen your child from the core. That way, not only are they healthy, but their immune system is strong enough to prevent any risk of illness. It’s very much like how nourishing a tree from its roots creates healthy branches. When there is a strong foundation, the rest can naturally flourish on its own.

The effects that acupuncture has on children are highly effective and often immediate. The needles we use are sterile, extremely thin, and painless. But if your child is not yet ready for a needling treatment, there are many other options for treatment. We also offer acupoint therapy with laser pens or microcurrent devices, Chinese pediatric massage therapy, cupping, guasha, and herbal medicine. All methods are non-invasive, gentle, pain-free and highly effective, with no side-effects.

Our Chinese herbal medicine is specifically formulated for children in smaller and effective doses. All ingredients are food-grade and safe for your child to take, even with any other supplements or medication. 

Our care is gentle and can safely complement any other healthcare regimen your child may already be on.

At A New Day Acupuncture, we fully recognize the uniqueness of your child. Both our diagnostic methods and our treatment style considers the individualistic nature of each child. We are flexible to adapt to their needs- from their personality, to their preferences, and even their mood for that day. 

Pediatric acupuncture has been a tried and true part of healthcare in Asia for many years. It is now a wonderful option in the States for this generation of children to receive safe, holistic healthcare. 

Children with healthy habits grow up to be healthy adults. We would love to be there to help them every step of the way. To be healthy, strong, joyful- naturally. 

A New Day Acupuncture, LLC
for Family Wellness and Pediatrics
A holistic Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine family practice of Kim Truong, L.Ac, 
serving the families of Houston, Texas and surrounding neighborhoods.